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Insight’s advanced features can take your salon or spa to the next level of success.
QuickBooks Integration

Insight is integrated with the most popular accounting software in the world, giving you instant access to hundreds of business reports. Using QuickBooks also offers extra business planning tools tailored to your business type:


  • Reduce Accounting / Bookkeeping Costs

  • Eliminate data entry errors by posting directly from Insight to QuickBooks
  • Save time spent on data entry or report priting

  • Easy step by step guide to setting up and linking your QuickBooks and Insight accounts. 


Remote Access
Remote Access 

Running a business does not mean you always have to be there. Manage your salon or spa from anywhere without any interruption to staff logged in from the business. Access your appointment book, employee schedules, inventory counts, sales data, and everything else.


  • Unchain yourself from the front desk

  • Manage anything you would at work - from anywhere

  • Access updated sales data, schedules, etc

  • Easy print reports & allow your accountant to login-in

  • No interruption to staff logged in from your workplace

  • Access from any Tablets, Mac PCs & Windows PCs




Online Booking
Online Booking System

Give your clients what they are asking for and take a load off your phone system by adding the Insight Online Booking module to any version of the Insight software. Enjoy a live, real-time booking system unlike the "email a request for a time" systems our competitors market as “online booking.” We give your clients the time they want but still leave you in total control over the entire process to guarantee the integrity of your appointment book. Now your book can fill up "on your terms" even when there is nobody at the business to answer the phone. 


  • Allow clients to book directly from any device whenever they want 

  • Works directly with your website & Facebook page 

  • You control which clients, services and employees can be booked online

  • Eliminate the need to step away from clients to answer the phone 


Click here to see a live demo of the online booking system. 


Mobile Apps
Insight Mobile Apps - Smartphone

Insight Smartphone Apps give you the ability to manage your personal appointments and client information so you can book appointments wherever you are with your mobile device. 


  • Android and iPhone Support

  • Each device set to veiw their own schedules  

  • Book, edit, cancel appointments

  • View client information

  • Add new clients


Insight Mobile Apps - Tablet

Insight Table Apps allows small businesses to run most of their tasks off a tablet and larger businesses to enhance the client experience through unique and time saving features.


  • Android and iPad Support  

  • Book, edit, cancel appointments

  • Client Check-in Mode

  • Take Client Pictures


Online Backup 

Your client database is the most important part of your business. In fact everything you do in Insight such as add, change, remove clients, products, services histories is YOUR business. Without this data, your business presence can be damaged.


Backing up your data is vital but it can be a hassle to remember to do it every day. Insight Online Backups are the total solution to protect your business from any possibility:


  • Automatically runs every day.. Set it and forget it 

  • Encrypted and secured in a world-class data center



Over the last number of months, our membership development team has worked with many of our clients to re-design and enhance our membership module. The result is a completely new add-on module that is available for all our businesses who want to utilize a membership based model that may or may not include recurring monthly charges. While no two businesses operate their membership features the same way, our team has done their best to take all clients needs into account and have created one of the most comprehensive membership modules to allow for the greatest level of flexibility while eliminating the complexity of managing your memberships on a daily basis. The items listed below will outline the important changes made to the various areas of Insight as a result of this re-design.






Insight now has the capability to allow for you to configure, sell and manage more than one type of membership with specific benefits and costs associated with each individual membership sold.

Memberships can be restricted to only being valid for redemption on specified days of the week.

Memberships can now have multiple clients on them to allow for "family benefits".

Multi-client memberships can have the option of sharing benefits between all the clients on that membership or have a separate set of benefits for each client.

Multi-client memberships have tiered pricing that can be set up so not all clients on the membership cost the same amount (eg. the initial membership might cost $50/mo and adding a spouse or child to the multi-client membership might add an additional $30/mo for each additional person).

Specific services/products can now be directly tied to each membership.

Specific services/products can have an automatic discount applied to them for each membership.

Specific services/products can have a limited number of free uses for each membership.

Credits (a monetary value) can be assigned to services/products that can be used throughout the duration of the membership.

Services can be eligible to use up "bonus uses" that have no limitations on them during the life of each membership.

You can limit how many free services/products are redeemed during a specified time frame.

You can now set up a service to be an exclusive service for a membership and only clients who have that membership will be able to redeem that service. This option is found in the System Setup area and by default it is not activated.

Membership details for each client can be viewed on the Client screen by clicking on the Purchases tab and then selecting Memberships. The remaining benefits can be viewed here by double clicking on the membership or clicking on Actions and then Memberships...Membership Details.

Putting a membership on hold will now extend the membership for the length of time that the membership was on hold. There are two ways that you can put a membership "on hold":

By providing a specific re-activation date if you know the exact date they want the membership to become active again

By putting the membership on indefinite hold. If you choose this option, when you reactivate the membership from being on hold, Insight will calculate how many days it has been since you put it on hold and adjust all future billing dates and expiry dates for benefits accordingly at that time.

You can add additional clients onto a membership after the sale of a membership if they have multi-client enabled.

You can charge an admin fee for adding additional clients, putting a client on hold, and under certain conditions for cancelling a membership early. This can be done through the clients screen by going to the Purchases tab, selecting Memberships and then clicking on Actions...Memberships.

If you have more than one client on a multi-client membership you can change "ownership" of the membership to any of the other clients.



Memberships with recurring billing have three different options for what happens with the benefits tied to a membership at the end of each recurring billing period:

Refresh – The benefits will refresh at the start of the next billing period. Giving you a new set of services, products, and/or credits to be used by that membership. Any unused benefits from the previous period are lost.

Carry Over – Similar to the Refresh option except Insight will add all unused benefits from the previous billing period to the new benefits allowed in the current billing period.

Do Nothing – This option is designed for annual memberships with a fixed number of benefits during the time period while allowing the clients to pay for the membership over a number of months.

Recurring billing for multi-client memberships will show you the detailed billing amounts for each individual client attached to that membership.



Membership purchases as well as recurring monthly charges can now be refunded to the client.

Membership purchases can now be voided.

Sales transactions with a membership purchase on them can now be edited.

Sales transactions with membership benefits redeemed on them can now be edited or voided.

For an invoice with a client that has a membership you will now have a list of the Membership Benefits and a Redemption list appearing in the Membership Information screen. Here you can add benefits to be redeemed and select the type of redemption and the employee who performed the service.

Discounts for the sale of a membership work in a new way now. You can discount the Membership itself, the added clients, or both by using the check boxes found in the discount tab by clicking the Discount button in the membership sale screen.

When booking an appointment for a client who has a membership, their membership details will pop up. At this time you can double click on the service in the membership details to quickly book an appointment for that service.

When you use the Check-In and Go To Invoice feature from the appointment book, if that client has a membership and the service you checked in is part of the membership they own, Insight now asks you if you want to use one of the available benefits on the membership for the sale automatically.


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