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We are proud to present the following client testimonials that communicate our ability to deliver innovative software solutions that provide our clients with a competitive advantage in their marketplace.
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Michelle's Hair & Beauty Salon 

I have been using Insight Salon Software now for 2 years. I have been nothing but impressed with how the team is happy to help at arms reach.
Nothing is too much trouble. The team is very patient should you need assistance.


I have asked the same questions a couple of times & I haven’t ever experienced the staff to be rude over the phone.The Software itself is very easy to use & If I can learn how to use it, anyone can. It has all the features which salons would need. I wont be changing back to the old appointment book which now seems like the dinosaur days since using pen & paper.I can’t recommend Insight Salon Software high enough. You wont be disappointed.

Even my clients are saying the software is time saving. I have just only added the automated reminder text messages to be sent to my clients, & so far its working brilliantly.

The cost of the software is money well spent. Its worth every cent. I would like to congratulate Insight for their willingness to help salons to build a better business.


Michelle Watts
08 8842 1707


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Anita’s Advanced Aesthetics

To everyone interested in purchasing a salon software, I have been using Insight for around 7 years now and I am very happy with the system, it is extremely easy to use and it has improved over these years and continues to with new functions added to make it even more user friendly.
Once you purchase the software there is not really a lot of cost involved except for the support and software updates which is once a year. I would definitely recommend looking into purchasing this system.

Anita Hunt
Anita’s Advanced Aesthetics
07 3491 6655


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Orb Hair

Orb Hair was one of the first users of Insight Salon Software since it came to Australia and since then we have been able to grow our business through this software support.

I find Insight Salon Software is always growing and improving its software which I find is a big plus when the demands are getting higher in today’s small business.

I have always been able to get support quickly from the team, when we ever have problems which might happen from time to time, by phone or by internet.

Comparing the price for insight Salon Software and other systems in the market, Insight is very comparative and should be seriously looked at.



Elie Aoun

Ph: 03 9500 0737





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About Face

We have been running Insight salon software for over 3 years now on 2 computers and it has streamlined our business to a whole new level. Packed with features this salon management tool has not only helped us organise our day to day operations but it’s increased our client retention & turnover.

The Inventory module has been an invaluable tool in assessing which lines sell the best and tracking of retail & professional products. The help-desk support has been fantastic. But best of all the quality of software and its features is affordable.

We’ve looked at cheaper alternatives before and as they say “What you pay for is what you get”.  We have no regrets with Insight and would definitely recommend it other salons & spas.


About Face
02 4647 9711


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Little Hollywood

I have been an Insight Salon & Spa Software customer for over 5 years, I am thrilled to say that it’s the most easiest program to use. It’s very user friendly but I must add there customers service / team support is always willing to help and guide you in the right direction with lots of patients. Steven always goes above and beyond to help with my enquiries, well done team, your the best Steven !!!!



Betty Antoniadis

Little Hollywood

03 9077 0351

48 Poath Road, Hugesdale, VIC 3166


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Salon Secrets

I have had the pleasure of communicating with staff, primarily Steven Zhou, of Insight Cloud Salon Software for my beauty salon for over two years. I have on numerous occasions had to phone for help and I was always treated with friendliness and dignity when I didn’t know how to operate particular sections of the software.

They answered all calls promptly with solutions and the only problems I had were my inexperience in using such a comprehensive program.

I recommend this program to any salon owner who wants to utilize both front and financials for their salon because this system has it all.



Judy Henry

Salon Secrets

02 6584 0262

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Sienna Rae Beauty Therapy

My salon has been using Insight for 2 years now and I honestly can say it is the best thing I have ever done for my business. Because I am not very computer savvy I have joined up to online and phone support. Something you just cant go without, no question is ever too small or too silly.

I have worked with much more expensive salon programs in the past and Insight definitely covers all the features and MORE at an affordable price. They are continually updating their features and are always current with the ATO and award.

Sienna Rae has recently become finalist in the Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2014 (winner to be announced) and I believe Insight has played a huge part in the growth of my business. After all your client data is the core of your business!!




Kara McClelland

Sienna Rae Beauty Therapy

02 49555 800

101 Nelson st, Wallsend

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Stevie C Hair

I have used Insight Salon & Spa Software since I opened my doors back in 2009. The software is extremely easy to use and the staff have been very helpful with an question I have in order to grow my business using the software’s data base.

We send out our emails, birthday letters using the software on a monthly bases to offer clients something new.

I’m very happy to continue using Insight for many more years as it is such a great software and does everything I need plus more.



Steven Callus

Stevie C Hair (Niddrie)

(03) 9331 3777

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B’Gel-ous Nail and Beauty Studio

After opening my second salon I thought I’d look at different software programs to the one we had been using.To my delight I came across insight!

I am glad I went with insight. It works well with my salon, and very easy to use and understand. It covers all the requirements I need.The thing I liked about it was that there was no huge outlay cost to purchase then ongoing costs and no contracts, so there was absolutely no harm in trying it. When I did try it, there was no way I was cancelling it as it was great! And in comparison to the very expensive program I had been using before, it covered everything it did, and more!

For those out there looking at programs, give it a go, you wont regret it


B’Gel-ous Nail and Beauty Studio

07 47551883

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Skin Correctives

Insight Salon Software has by far exceeded our expectations. We are still looked after with the same enthusiasm which has not lost any momentum since our first dealings with the company 2 years ago. As our business grows, we have been guided and mentored by the Insight team and upgrades have been easy and affordable. I am always amazed how quick new staff members are able to navigate their way around the program as it is very user friendly. As a business owner it gives me great insight into the business. It has been the best investment.


Thank you, Erhan and Team for your prompt and professional support always!



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Seeds Of Beauty

We have been using Insight Spa Software for just over two years now and it is perfect for our clinic..

It is simple to use and makes every aspect of administration easy from re-booking clients to sales, client notes and profiles, stock take and reports and figures.

The customer support team are also very friendly and always happy to help with any enquiry. We are grateful to have this software because it makes it so much easier for all of our staff to run our clinic smoothly and efficiently.


Thank you from the team @ Seeds of Beauty Camberwell.

Ph: 03 9882 6667 

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Frente Hair Nails & Beauty

Insight is always there and willing to help us solve our computing needs. We have been using Insight in our Salon for 3 years, after changing from another well known Salon Software Company.

Couldn’t ask for better, friendlier and knowledgeable Staff and just plain Great Customer Service !!!!! We love the program and how it just does the work for us and always updating to stay with the times and trends!!!!


Thank you Insight, Erhan and team your the Best !!!!

Ph: 07 5591 6668

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Hotlocks Hair

We spent long hours searching for the right salon software, we wanted one that we could purchase outright rather than a life of payments. Insight provided us with this and were very helpful in getting us started, The programme is a great design,clear,simple and easy for any hairdresser to navigate.

We found ourselves quickly needing to expand from 5 staff to 12 staff edition,then to a whole second computer all done without fuss. Since then we purchased annual support and the “stop everything” attitude Insight has to our business has saved us on many occasions. I highly recommend Insight to any new salon, the support, automatic online backups and general operating system are truly reliable.


Ph: 08 9405 2627

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Bella Medi Spa

I have been using Insight for the past 12 months at bella MEDI SPA. I believe that Insight has helped me grow my business. By the use of detailed reports I can see where my business is at and how to grow it. Not only is Insight a fantastic program, the support behind Insight is what really keeps me happy. They are always there to answer your call and if they can’t they always call you back promptly. I would proudly recommend Insight to anyone who’s looking for a reliable computer program.


Ph: 02 96372 2682

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Dear Insight,

Kippo has been using your system for almost a year now and we are pleased with the system. It is easy to use and our staff have no issues using your system. It is basic when you want it to be, and advanced when you needed to be, and teaching them to use it was easy. Your customer service is excellent, you always respond to our calls and return calls as well!!!

Thank you for everything!~!


Ph: 02 9261 1818

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The Beauty Room by Jd

To the team at Insight, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the service that you have provided. I have worked with many salon software and have found Insight to be the most efficient and effortless program. The appointment book is simple and easy to use. My clients have commented on the professionalism thanks to insight. A huge thank you to the technical support team. I’m so glad I decided to purchase Insight Salon and Spa Software, so should you!!


Ph: 02 9758 9500


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Gold Tan Tanning Studio

Hi Insight,

I would love to participate and place my testimonial on your website. I can honestly say that I am very happy with your software. We have not experienced any problems and the reporting aspect is excellent. I would recommend it to everyone.


Ph: 03 9460 7771

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Body Skin Sun

I have been using insight software for some time now and am very happy with the amount of extra time it has provided me. Great package that allows me to have stats and financials at the touch of a button. Great appointment book that is super easy to use. Tech support has been fantastic!


Ph: 03 9306 2255

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David K Hair Direction

Insight is everything and more I wanted in software for my salon it has really enabled me to look at my business in so many different ways from statistics to client retention and marketing etc. but the costumer service is what really impressed me. Insight has really allowed me to take my business to the next level. I would highly recommend insight to any salon owner.


Ph: 02 9822 9952

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Marjon’s Hair & Beauty

I have been using insight for a couple of months now and I think it is going great. I am still learning new things all the time but it is going well. I previously was using salon potential and you cannot compare the programs . Insight is far better especially the appointment book and clients database.


Ph: 03 9435 5063

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Vibrance Beauty Spa

We are a small to medium business operating in a small tourist village near Queenstown in New Zealand. We first installed the Insight Salon Solutions software at Vibrance beauty and fitness in June 2009 after running a demo of the software for about a month. The software has been relatively easy to learn and implement especially with the phone tutorials and the service provided by Dale and Erhan Karaata at Insight has been first rate. The software has been very useful to monitor and control the two distinct parts to our business and we are able to seamlessly see all aspects of the business areas and track performance of sales, service and employees. This has given us a much advanced method of running our business and allows us more accurate ways of budgeting for the future.

We are pleased to recommend the Insight Salon Software.


Ph: +64 3 249 4040

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Marlene Studios

Dear Insight,

What an “INSIGHT”, it is, to work and experience the excellent features of INSIGHT!!!

As small business owners we have been looking for a salon software package that gives you everything you need to run a business smoothly, but without the inflated setup cost and though I mention the continuous hidden costs other salon packages have.

In addition the feature I like the most is the SMS confirm feature. This has been tremendous and effective in getting rid of unforeseen no shows, which is costly to any business as you would know.

INSIGHT has given us excellent reporting facilities and makes it very easy to calculate the staff targets.

INSIGHT is easy to use and in fact it took me only 20-30mins to show my staff how and we have not been looking back since.

GREAT Package, GREAT, People, GREAT Support at an affordable price!!


Ph: 07 4613 4535

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Vondoo Hair

Dear Insight,

I am extremely happy with the Insight Salon System and have had absolutely no problem with it since we first obtained it 6 months ago. I checked out quite a few different systems before I chose Insight and I am glad I did. Insight is easy to use, fast, efficient & logical. It makes sense! I love it so do all my staff. Great system and highly recommended by myself & everyone here at Vondoo Hair.


Ph: 02 9693 2302

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Espresso Hair

Best thing I could have done for my business was to have Insight as our software. Whether it is a 20+ staff salon or a 1 staff salon, Insight will definitely organise and keep you updated with all your clientele. The staff at Insight Salon Solutions have been nothing but great help. Always willing to answer even the smallest of questions. Great, easy and straight forward even for those with little or no computer experience. Training was easy and very helpful. Can’t be happier. And for the price??? You tell me?


Ph: 02 9712 3709

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Dy Hairdressing

Insight software has made our salon run very efficiently, is really simple and straight forward to use. Now that we are on a network, the system really allows us to be much more productive as well. Keep up the good work Insight!


Ph: 08 9964 1111

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