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Insight Salon Software Enterprise Version
For Multi-Location & Franchised Operation Salons On A Network

Insight Professional includes all the features of Professional as well as 

Insight LAN Network Compability

Insight Enterprise allows 2 or more computers to share a common database over a Local Area Network within the one location. Whether you have 2 or 10 computers in your salon that is running Insight, streamlining your salon and saving employee downtime is an important factor of the Insight system.


  • Reduce wait times with multiple points for check-in and payment

  • Manage the business from the office without interfering with the client experience


Insight WAN Network Compability

Insight Enterprise also allows franchises or salons with many locations to be networked together. Enables you to switch between different locations if the client wants to book at one of your other locations or redeem a gift card. Market the whole enterprise from the main location.


  • Maintain one client database with a global loyalty program

  • Allow staff to move between locations

  • View reports for separate or multiple locations


iAnywhere Adavantage Database

ADS is a software program designed to make database access over small and large networks faster, more secure, and more reliable. ADS can be installed in a matter of minutes and will work quietly in the background on your main server computer ensuring that Insight is running safely and optimally over your network…whether you have 2 computers or 200.



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