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Insight Salon Software Professional Version
Full Featured Solution for Small/Medium Hair & Beauty Salons

Confirming appointments is one of the most important and yet often overlooked tasks to ensure your business is as profitable as possible. Confirming all your appointments can dramatically reduce no-shows, allowing you to book other clients and increase each employee’s productivity. Seriously though, who has the time to call and try to contact all your appointments? Statistics show that 96% of text messages will be read. This is where Insight two-way SMS Text Messaging can save you time and virtually eliminate no-shows.

SMS Appointment Confirmation
SMS Marketing

Use Insight to send quick and easy SMS messages to your clients helping to drive more business to your salon and increase client loyalty. Use the Insight marketing features to direct your marketing toward clients that meet a specific criteria and then have Insight send them a short, directed message using SMS and their mobile phones.

Insight SMS Marketing is simple, powerful, much faster and less expensive than postal mail and it won’t be filtered out by email spam filters. For a few cents per message you can keep your clients coming back and spending their money in your business.

Insight professional has a built in HTML email template that allows you to setup and design your own newsletters and marketing promotional templates. The benefits are that you can embed images and text without interruption and send professional looking communication emails in bulk to your clients.

This is an extremely powerful and cost effective tool used to stay in touch with your clients and keep ahead of your competition.

Email Marketing

The professional version also allows you to setup client accounts. Your clients will be able to make their payments in the future. Important for high end sales that are paid over a specific time frame.

It can be received for positive and negative account tracking.

Client Accounts

Designed for salons that are currently using the manual payroll system. Insight payroll allows you to setup your employees working hours, pay rate and overtime rate and superannuation after setting up your employees. Insight payroll then will produce a report or pay slip containing relevant taxes amounts withheld and net pay to employees.

The Time Clock allows employees to clock in and off.

Payroll & Time Clock

Introduce Insight loyalty points to your clients rewarding them for purchasing your products and services and remaining a loyal client.

Once enabled, Insight will automatically keep track of your client’s points total based on transactions. Then those points can be redeemed anytime by your clients on both products & services or just products or services.

Loyalty Points

Insight Professional includes all the features of Standard as well as 

The Self Employed Manager allows a qualified member of your salon that want to utilize their own ABN. The scenario is ideal where they are leasing a room, chair or paying a percentage of sales of products or services back to you.

Insight tracks all transactions and allows you to produce reports for each self employed member nominating the amount owing based on your initial discussions.

Self Employed Manager

Multi-Part Appointment allows you to group services and book those services at the one time with different staff members handling parts of the appointment.

Commonly used by hairdressers with colour services that need processing time and /or an assistant handling the cut or the finishing part of the appointment.

Multi-Part Appointments

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