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Insight provides various services can help you get there and meet the business challenges, lower cost, faster time to market, and enabling new styles of customer engagement.
Insight SMS 

Not using our SMS feature?
As you may not be aware, Insight Salon Software has taken over all SMS purchases for customers who are using both Insight Salon Software and Cloud.


Insight SMS have:
NO Monthly Fees - NO Use By Dates - NO Contracts

We now have our own in house SMS service called ‘Insight SMS’. Call us directly on 1300 720 854 to get started.


Insight SMS Marketing

For Busy Salons That Want To FREE Up Their TIME...

Don't have time sending your SMS promotions to your customers?  Your problems solved; Our Insight SMS Marketing Service can do all that for you.


What Does This Mean For You?

For most salon owners, their SMS Marketing Promotions will run on Auto Pilot. We have implemented an SMS Marketing Portal in our website that allows registered users to log in, select from over 50 different promotion templates such as Special Days, Discounted Salon Packages, Salon Events, Christmas Party Promotions, VIP Member Nights, Birthday SMS's and many more!

How Does It Work?

First you will need to purchase Insight SMS Marketing Credits. These credits count towards each SMS promotion that we send for you.
You will receive login details to the SMS Marketing Portal where you will simply request a promotion, date to be sent and whether it be sent on an ongoing basis, freeing you up from doing the SMS Marketing yourself. Once your order is processed, you will receive a full SMS Marketing Report via email. Simple!




Insight Email
  • Is Your Email Provider Giving You A Hassle?

  • Is Your Email Provider Restricting You From Sending Out Bulk Emails?

  • Can't Contact Your Email Provider Or Get Help?


After many clients request saying they couldn't send bulk emails because of their providers restricting them limiting to the number of emails per day, we have finally released our own 'INSIGHT EMAIL'.


What Does This Mean For You?

It means that you'll be able to send up to 10,000 emails per month through your Insight Salon Software for a very low monthly fee.

How Does It Work?

You will need to call us & subscribe to our $30 inc GST monthly Insight Email subscription.
Once your order is processed, we'll create an email account for you & give you the login details. You'll be able to send bulk emails yourself without any hassles. Easy as done!



Data Conversion

If you are switching to Insight from one of our competitors or if you have been storing your client data in some other format, we may be able to convert that data for use in Insight. Simply provide us with your data file in either MS Excel, MS Outlook, CSV & MS Access Database files. (Speak to our sales rep if you’re unsure of your file). Insight Salon Software will make sure the transition from your old software to Insight Salon & Spa Software will be a smooth one to avoid delays.


Insight Gift Cards

At Insight, we believe that your gift card information is yours. It belongs to your business and should be controlled by your business without extra costs every time a customer uses a card. That is why we have designed our gift card program to provide you with excellent options in card design at the lowest possible prices. Ordering your cards through us will ensure that you will be receiving the best quality cards that are guaranteed to work with your Insight software and won’t cost you extra when they are sold or redeemed.
Check out some of the benefits of using our gift cards:



Gift Cards will increase revenue by building brand awareness and customer loyalty (our cards can be topped up ensuring repeat business.)


Reduce administrative headaches (no more paperwork…Insight tracks all your clients balances.)


Streamlined procedure at the point-of-sale.


Insight gives you total control over your gift card information.

Ready For Some Insight?

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