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Insight Online Booking Add-On

  • Give your clients what they are asking for and take a load off your phone system by adding the Insight Online Booking module to any version of the Insight software. Enjoy a live, real-time booking system unlike the "email a request for a time" systems our competitors market as “online booking.” We give your clients the time they want but still leave you in total control over the entire process to guarantee the integrity of your appointment book. Now your book can fill up "on your terms" even when there is nobody at the business to answer the phone.  

    Allow clients to book directly from any device whenever they want 

    Works directly with your website & Facebook page 

    You control which clients, services and employees can be booked 

    Eliminate the need to step away from clients to answer the phone 

    Minimum Requirements:

    Insight Salon Software with running ADSL or ADSL2+ internet connection.

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